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aluminized - In chain link fabric, describes fabric woven from steel wire that is coated with aluminum before weaving.
barbed tape - Strip of metal, machined to produce clusters of sharp points.
barbed wire arm standard - A post fitting used to hold barbed wire in place. May be vertical or angled to hold three strands of barbed wire, or "V" shaped to hold six strands of barbed wire.
bottom rail - Horizontal member of the framework running continuously along the bottom edge of the fence.
boulevard clamp - A two piece clamp with carriage bolts and nuts designed for 180 horizontal rail connections to a line post (also called line rail clamp).
brace band - A symmetrically formed strip of metal shaped to fit around a post and used with a carriage bolt and nut to attach the rail end or brace rail end truss rod tightener to the post. Also used for attaching barbed wire, tension wire, and other items to a terminal post.
brace rail - A compression member at terminal post or corner posts. Commonly the same diameter of the top rail.
brace rail end - A cup-shaped fitting similar to a rail end with provision for attaching a truss rod.
cantilever slide gate - Any horizontal slide gate spanning an opening, lacking a top or bottom support within that opening. It is counter-balanced with additional framework (weight) to support the gate while it is closed.
center stop - A device to receive and hold the drop bar on a double gate.
coil wire - Same as tension wire.
corner barbed wire arm - Combination post cap and fitting used to hold barbed wire in place on a corner post. May be angled in or out from the fence line to hold three strands of barbed wire, or "V" shaped to hold six strands of barbed wire.
corner post - A terminal post, at which the direction of the line of fence changes in two different directions.
diamond - The mesh opening formed by the woven wires in chain link fence fabric.
diamond count - The number of diamond openings from one edge of fabric to the other. The count of a given fabric shall begin at the first completed diamond at one edge and continue to the unfinished half or full opening at the other edge.
drop bar - Component of a double gate latch assembly. (sometimes called drop rod)
end post - The terminal post at the beginning or end of one line of fence.
fabric - A fencing material made from wire helically wound and interwoven in such a manner as to provide a continuous mesh without knots or ties except in the form of knuckling or of twisting the ends of wires to form the selvage of the fabric.
frame hinge - A fitting that attaches to the gate frame and functions with the post hinge to enable the gate to swing.
framework - The basic structure supporting the installed fabric and gates, namely the posts, top rails, braces and bottom rail (when specified).
galvanized - Pertains to zinc-coated steel articles used in fencing.
galvanized after weaving (GAW) - In chain link fabric, describes steel fabric that is zinc coated after weaving.
galvanized before weaving (GBW) - In chain link fabric, describes steel fabric that is zinc coated before weaving. This process provides a smoother fabric with a more uniform zinc coating, enhancing the rust protection.
gate frame - The structural members of the gate.
gate holdback or keeper - A device to receive and hold the gate leaf in an open position
gate latch - A fitting to hold the gate in place when closed
gate opening - The clear distance between the gate posts
gate post - The post to which a gate is attached by hinges and latches. It may also be used as a terminal post.
gate transom - A panel of chain link fabric, that does not move, over the top of a gate opening, framed with top and bottom rail. Typically used in tennis court fence.
gauge - Diameter of the coated wire, that is used to make the fabric. Also the thickness of the tubing or pipe used in the framework.
height - The distance before stretching from the top edge of knuckle or twist to the bottom edge of the knuckle or twist of the fabric.
hog ring - A preformed open wire clip designed to close up into a ring to secure chain link fabric to horizontal tension wire.
intermediate rail - Horizontal member of the framework running continuously at any point between the top and bottom of the fence (sometimes called middle rail).
knuckle - The selvage obtained by interlocking adjacent pairs of wire ends and bending the wire back into a loop.
line post - The intermediate post in a fence line supporting the fabric top rail or tension wire and barb arm where applicable. (maximum spacing of 10' between line posts).
line post cap - A cap or top with a loop used to position the top rail or tension wire on top of the line posts.
line rail clamp - Same as boulevard clamp.
loop cap - Same as line post cap.
mesh - In chain link fabric, the clear distance between parallel wires forming the diamond.
middle rail - Same as intermediate rail.
offset hinge - A swing gate hinge that permits the gate to swing 180 degrees from the closed to the open position.
panel clamp - A two-piece clamp with carriage bolt and nut designed to secure prefabricated panels together.
polymer coating - A term used to describe color coatings, such as PVC (poly-vinyl chloride), polyester, and other polymers used for coating purposes.
post cap - A fitting atop a post usually to exclude water from tubular posts.
post hinge - A fitting that attaches to the gate post, the pintle of which fits into the frame hinge receptor permitting the gate to swing.
pull post - A terminal post used in a line of fence to brace a long stretch or to effect a change in elevation along the fence line.
PVC - Poly-vinyl chloride coating on fence materials.
rail end - A cup-shaped fitting used with a brace band to connect the top rail or to brace to a post.
rail end band - Same as brace band.
scroll - A decorative ornament on top of a gate.
selvage - The edge finish on woven chain link fabric joining pairs of pickets. The selvage may be knuckled or twisted (barbed). Standard selvage is K&K when the fabric is under 72", and K&B when the fabric is 72" high or above.
sleeve, top rail - A fitting used to join two pieces of top rail together end to end, when a swaged top rail is not used.
stretching - The process of putting tension at the end of the fabric to make it hang uniformly and taught along the line of fence between terminal posts.
swage - The formed end of a piece of top rail so that it will fit into and join another piece of top rail.
tension band - An offset strip of metal shaped to fit around the terminal post and used with a carriage bolt and nut to attach the tension bar to the post.
tension bar - The bar used with tension bands or other post connectors to secure the fabric to a terminal post. The bar is slid down into the very last fabric lace where it is closest to the terminal post.
tension wire - A wire, with or without a pattern on it. Typically used along the top of a chain link fence in place of a top rail or along the bottom of a chain link fence for additional security. (Sometimes called coil spring wire, or coil wire)
terminal post - The basic load-bearing post for a line of fence, to or from which the fabric is stretched; it may be an end, gate, corner or pull post.
tie - Wire, clip, or band used to attach the fabric to the top rail and line posts.
top rail - Horizontal member of the framework running from terminal post to terminal post on top of the line posts.
truss rod - A tensioning rod, used for bracing in gates and at terminal posts. May be threaded at one or both ends or contain a tightener or turnbuckle for adjusting tension.
truss rod tightener - A tightening device used with an adjusting nut and a truss rod (sometimes called turnbuckle).
twist - Type of selvage obtained by twisting adjacent pairs of wire ends together in a close helix of 1-1/2 machine turns, which is equivalent to three full twists.
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